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One type of MSME that is quite potential at this time is Barbershop. Taking care of the barbershop business in the present era, it is not easy. In addition, demanded to master the skills and quality of service to consumers must be good, the most important is a mature business plan.

However, the survey results show that there are many barbershop who stand only relying on instant expertise without regard to management and salon business marketing strategies that are effective in supporting the development of the barbershop in the future. This can be seen in the midst of the rapid development of the barber service business, the availability of labor is still inadequate, mostly only graduating from junior high school and introducing the skills gained from the crash courses.

Broadway Barbershop, Broadway Barbershop is committed to revolutionizing appearance everyone by providing quality care products high and best service. Trying to become Barbershop there are all kinds of male treatments that men need for the best and feel confident. The survey is also there shows that 82% of men care about their appearance, especially professional care, and men are also willing to pay more for care to get the desired results.

There are few key components of our concepts:

Hair & Beard Custom Cuts
Hair & Beard custom cuts, Broadway helps every individual to appear cooler and in accordance with the character. Each customer can choose the style and style according to their respective characters.

Trend style & shaves
Hairstyles that are followed in Broadway Barbershop are more following the current trend of hairstyles. every customer who comes and returns to do a haircut due to a match between the hairstyle and his desire to appear in accordance with the trend

Friendly concept store
Makes the broadway atmosphere more casual with barberman that looks casual and interactive with every consumer. So that every customer who comes not only to do a haircut, it can also be for hangout & grooming.


Based on research some of men: 1) want a barbershop that is able to meet men's needs in terms of appearance to the fullest. 2) Want reliability from barberman in haircut or grooming. 3) Expect prices that are commensurate with the quality obtained, because if consumers are fulfilled their desires and needs, consumers will indirectly become loyal consumers and the barbershop itself has good value for its customers.



FURTHER INFO: +62 82230001070 (Rian Kurniawan)

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